As you may know Richard and I have begun casting pods once a week, on Saturdays if you would like to tune in. It has been a real learning experience for the both of us. Using all in house gear has made it super easy though. All our audio is run through Mogami gold wiring straight from the Mogami factory here in Southern California. Many other suppliers of Mogami will just buy the wire and install connectors in house all the Mogami cable we sell has been finished by the professional engineers at the Mogami plant.

Not only is the quality better when completed at the Mogami plant but since they are in complete control and can assure each cable through their strict in house quality control they are able to offer each cable with a life time warranty.

This makes life easier both for recording the pod cast but also for our guitar and bass demo videos. Anything you don't have to worry about saves time and cable should be the last thing you need to be worrying about.

Look out for the second episode coming this weekend we will discuss Mogami cables among other topics.

Remember every cable Studio Gears sells is factory made by Mogami to ensure 100% satisfaction from our valuable customers.


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