The brand new ESP E-II RZK-II Burnt Guitar is very similar to the well known, much more expensive ESP version sharing the same model name.  Richard Z from German band Rammstein joined ESP back in 2012 and first offered his ESP version of RZK-II Burnt Finish.  And boy was his guitar hot!  It was sold up and down the market and hardly any store kept them instock.  Unfortunately, recently the price on his ESP guitar went up more than double and hardly anyone can afford his beautiful guitar any more.  Good for those of you, who jumped in early and grab those guitars while it was affordable!

[caption id="attachment_293" align="aligncenter" width="929"]E-II RZK-II guitar E-II RZK-II guitar[/caption]

Well, it is now your chance to grab that similar guitar in the E-II RZK-II, this E-II share the same spec, hardware, electronics, even the craftsmanship from the same factory in Japan!  From our first impression, the only different was the medal plated ESP logo and the truss rod cover.  Talking a big bang for the buck?  This is it!

For those of you haven't seen this in person, the stress burnt finish is just awesome as if you just found it from a burned down building quite awhile ago.  And the sound coming from this Richard Z guitar will melt you away thanks to the top notch components found on many ESP Japan guitars.