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  1. FREE MXL professional microphone with all G&L USA guitars and basses during the month of July 2017

    free mic with any G&L USA guitar That's right, for the entire month of July, customers who purchase a new USA G&L guitar or bass through an authorized US G&L dealer will be eligible to receive a free MXL DX-2 Dual Capsule Variable Dynamic Instrument Microphone.   free mic with any G&L USA guitar     #G&LUSA #STUDIOGEARS
  2. Studio Gears Intro

    Welcome to Studio Gears. We are a small family owned and operated business in southern California. At Studio Gears you can find everything you need for home/enthusiast recording and maybe even a little more. With our hands-on approach, we can help you find the right instrument or equipment to suit your needs. We have many new guitars and basses in stock as well as...
  3. Studio Gears Memorial Day Sale

    (use coupon code: 'MEMORIAL20') To honor all those that have served our great nation Studio Gears is proud to offer this 20% coupon to all our loyal customers. Your choice of any ESP, G&L, SCHECTER, TAKAMINE, IBANEZ All of our BASSES and GUITARS both ACCOUSTIC and ELECTRIC All Pro Gear, MICS, CABLES, PICK-UPS and MORE.   #ESP Guitars, #SCHECTER GUITAR...
  4. Ready to play?

    We sometimes have guests in our studio to help us demo new guitars. Often times they will ask questions like 'who set this up' or 'who does your set-ups?' I will always tell them that all our guitars come from the factory set up and tuned and they rarely believe me until they open one up themselves. As soon as...

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