On the last episode of Gear Talk Richard and I briefly went over a piece of gear that I honestly had not done enough research on. Had I done my due diligence I would have known this was a piece of gear that has been hotly debated for years. 9 years going on 10 in fact and so to commemorate such a polarizing piece of gear We have decided to dive in and see what makes this thing tick and whether or not it has any place in a modern set up. So here is a look at the SM Pro Audio V-MACHINE

Let’s start with Un-Boxing the SM Pro Audio V-MACHINE and see what we get. Once open we are greeted with the power cords atop the rest of the components, each nicely placed. The whole package is protected with both cardboard and foam inserts. Neatly packed inside you will find a USB cord as well as the DVD’s containing the software required for customizing your SM Pro Audio V-MACHINE as well as the sample library of effects provided by SM Pro Audio.

Having taken the SM Pro Audio V-MACHINE out and handled it briefly I can say build quality seems satisfactory. The metal frame seems sturdy and able to protect the unit in case of a fall or being bumped while plastic is employed to keep the unit light weight and versatile.

The control buttons on the top of the SM Pro Audio V-MACHINE feel as though they will hold up. They are stiff and give a satisfying click, that is akin to PC mouse buttons from the 90s, when pushed. The power button on the rear is a sort of mechanical feeling button that is spring loaded. Not my favorite kind of button but it seems well enough built to not end up being the death of the device. The last tactile control we have is a volume knob associated with the headphone monitors. This knob is stiff and feels precise when adjusted and also as though it too will last the test of time and use.

The midi port seems pretty standard fair. If you have had a device with midi in/out than you should know what to expect here. The audio outputs seem to be of quality as well and feel snugly fit into place as to not wiggle loose after heavy or long-term use. Same with the USB ports. They do not wiggle if I apply pressure with my fingers and feel as though they will hold up to the abuse musicians are certainly capable of dolling out to their equipment.

All said and done the SM Pro Audio V-MACHINE doesn’t seem poorly designed or built from a construction standpoint and seems as though it would hold up to even the most grueling studio or live use. Tune in next time as we plug the SM Pro Audio V-MACHINE in and see what she sounds like.



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