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  1. Studio Gears Total Eclipse Guitar Sale!

    In anticipation of the upcoming Total Eclipse, where the sun will be completely covered by the moon, Studio Gears is going to be having a sale!  So to honor this magnificent cosmic event Studio gears is going to be taking 10% off all of our exclusive EC-1000 models! That includes the beautiful ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 in Green Swirl Finish ESP...
  2. Esp Ltd Brian "Head" Welch signature SH-7ET FM

    ESP LTD BRIAN "HEAD" WELCH SH-7ET FM This is such an amazing guitar. ESP has really done something special with this 7-String beast! ESP LTD BRIAN "HEAD" WELCH SH-7ET FM The Esp Ltd Brian "Head" Welch signature SH-7ET FM is an extraordinary guitar. There is no denying the pure beauty of this instrument. That See thru purple finish is...
  3. ESP LTD Kirk Hammett Demonology is instock and shipping!

    The ESP Demonology was originally made as an one off for Kirk Hammett of Metallica, and when he was playing live with this awesome guitar, an overwhelming number of Kirk's fans was asking if and when he will release the guitar for his fans.  So Kirk and ESP collectively decided to create the LTD Demonology as introduced at 2017 NAMM show, in fact...
  4. Ibanez Iron Label RGAIX6U ABS

    Ibanez Iron Label RGAIX6U ABS
        If you wanna talk about a great metal sound with a killer finish you need to be talking about the RGAIX6U guitar by Ibanez. Let me tell you, this monster can shred with the best of em. You wouldn't believe how wonderful this without any extra gear. You can't deny that the Antique Brown Stained finish on the...
  5. Esp Vincent Price Famous Monster Electric Guitar

    Esp Vincent Price Famous Monster Electric Guitar

    You won't believe your eyes when you see it, and you won't believe your ears when you hear it! This is the amazingly epic looking ESP Vincent Price Famous Monster Guitar. When it comes to simplicity the Vincent Price Famous Monster does it right, just one EMG 81 pick up and a single volume knob. Exactly what the doctor ordered, simple, easy, carefree playing with exceptional tone.

    Alderwood body, Maple wood neck and Ebony wood fretboard? What more could you ask for? The VPFM has everything you could want out of a Horror tribute to the Late great Vincent Price.

    If you like how it looks, you'll love how it sounds. Check it out here on our YouTube page, where we post all the new guitars and gadgets we get!


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  6. The Hawaiian Hardtail - ESP LTD M1000HT

    ESP LTD M1000HT Every M series ESP LTD guitar is built for working professionals. These guitars see use daily on stages and in studios everywhere because they offer the tone, feel and quality working professionals demand. This Hardtail body version of the tried and true M series of guitars offers a natural and rustic but glossy finished Hawaiian Koa...
  7. ESP LTD Bill Kelliher SparrowHawk

    Check out ESP Guitars newest Ltd signature series guitar the SparrowHawk! designed for Bill Kelliher from popular metal band Mastodon ! This unique guitar is designed by Bill Kelliher himself, with the body shape being a combination of various guitar shapes that he admired. Its made with a mahogany body and maple cap, the finish is a gorgeous Military Green...

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