Richard and I sat down to record our first episode of gear talk. While both of us have wanted to start or be a part of podcast before neither has taken the plunge. Until now that is. We were quiet nervous as you will probably be able to tell but we had a total blast.  Were usually busy working on mixing and editing audio and video so it may take a couple episodes for us to really vet comfortable and come out of our shells. Still we were able to talk about a few new guitars from ESP LTD and G&L

The main purpose of the show is to help all of us stay up to date on the things that matter most in our respective industries so please feel free to comment regarding any content you would like to see covered. In our next episode we will spend a little time talking about pick-ups and other accessories.

Set design and general setting has also been a bit of a hurdle as we are working with limited space. We want things to feel fresh and engaging for everyone that watches so expect to see changes, both minor as well as major, to both the podcast as well as the demo videos.

You will also be seeing local artist spotlight videos in the coming months as we are able to book time for various artists to visit with us in the studio to demo instruments and gear as well as talk a little about their own struggles.

As we get a better understanding for what our audience is interested in seeing us cover I think we will be able to present a more well-rounded show for everyone to enjoy so please bear with us while we ease into things.



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