Today i am going to be showing you the epic C-1 FR City of Evil Electric guitar by Schecter Guitars. Aside form the amazingly beautiful White Gloss finish this guitar comes with a special piece. A signed metal plate by Synyster gates of the Famous band Avenged Sevenfold. Upon opening this guitar i was amazed. It simply looks like it has that great avenged sevenfold tone and unsurprisingly it did! Those Seymour Duncan pickups really do this guitar justice! The City of Evil guitar delivers not only amazing stage essence but also a wonderfully full tone that every genre can appreciate. It definitely brings back the memories of my high school band playing Avenged Sevenfold songs all day long in our drummers garage.

Here you can see a video of me playing the C-1 FR City of Evil guitar and jamming an old song from by high school band in the first half of the demo. Please enjoy and let us know what you think

You can get one here! Limited Stock available.